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Sheriff Arpaio sends Speed Cameron on an immigration raid, Al Gore guns for June Monsoon's climate-controlling powers, and the future of Arizona hangs on Governor Brewer's next words!

Lou Ferrigno, Sarah Palin, and Prince Harry leave a trail of chaos through Arizona in a series of ripped-from-the-headlines superhero stories!

The Saga of Parallel Earth-1070!  June Monsoon visits a parallel Earth where Arizona's SB-1070 rules, lead by a dark Sheriff Arpaio, a.k.a. Darkpaio! 

Superheroes at the Super Bowl XLIX!  Featuring the trending topics at the time, from newly elected Governor Doug Ducey to Left Shark!

The first in 2015's May/December Initiative, wherein a new issue comes out every month!  This issue features the origin of Sam Brero, False Alarm at the Phoenix Comicon, and Speed Cameron's California Adventure, part 1!

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