Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Kopa Room

In any good karaoke story, the setting is often a character in itself, with its own unique, dynamic persona. The Kopa Room, nestled in the 24 hour Linbrook Bowling Alley in Anaheim, California, is just such a place. I've experienced many karaoke memories and misadventures there, one of which I've recently documented in "The Karaoke Chronicles" and that I hope to illustrate for Karaoke Comics #3. While I was there last week, I did a quick "character study" of the stage area on the back of a song request slip. A counter blocks the stage from the rest of the room, making a perfect sitting area for potential admirers, and the KJ is constantly telling performers not to stand on it. Their work is never done! Also, above the pockets that organize the rotation, someone has made little dummies out of children's' clothes; I like to think of them as my "tiny dancers." So, if you never visit the Kopa Room, hopefully someday soon I'll get it to visit you -- because if karaoke does anything well, it's taking people to a special place they've never been before.

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