Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day #15: Road Trip

Road Trip

Hug the curves of the road
and ride.
Hot, sticky pavement
beneath rolling, burning rubber.
Read the signs.
Start slow,
remembering things behind you
are closer than they appear.
Then, accelerate,
moving with the flow of traffic,
to bumper.
Every groove in the granite
beneath you is a benchmark
toward your destination.
Wheels moving up and down,
back and forth,
all at the same time --
man's greatest achiement.
Don't be afraid to detour;
just watch your blind spots.
Heed the brake lights.
Respect the road.
It will take you places
you've never been before.
When you finally get there,
when you pull in to the drive,
she'll meet you at the door
and whisper,
"I knew you'd come."

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