Sunday, April 4, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day #4: Guy War

Guy War

Line 'em up,
like new recruits at boot camp,
like a firing squad.

Figure out
who has first dibs,
the inaugural battle, really.

Believe it or not,
Green Lantern goes before Superman,
because he can simulate Kryptonite.

So young, comes an old lesson:
the greatest strength is
knowing your enemy's weakness.

Children yellow-bellied down,
foot soldiers at their fingertips
on the frontlines of fantasy.

It isn't real;
a prepubescent taste
of the board room, the war room.

When it's over,
stack 'em up,
put 'em back in the toy box.

Mothers call supper,
and the children scatter,
each soon to become just a man.

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