Thursday, April 8, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day #8: The Greatest Storytellers of All Time

The Greatest Storytellers of All Time

Forget the poets.

(It's National Poetry Month, by the way,
but Larry King could care less.)

Forget the novelists, too.
The musicians,
the movie directors,
the television series finales --
they have nothing left to say.

Skip class.
Your professors' lessons are worthless.

Shakespeare was a hack
in comparison.
Even the Bible is just
so much mythology.

The greatest storytellers of all time
are the liars, the cheats, the self-indulgent.
They live the lives others only dream of

The tales they must've told
to keep it up;
the tales they can tell now
that it's all out there.

We're gathered at their feet,
their sermon on the mount,
worshipping their grief,
grieving their worship.

Don't be sorry for your sins,
Great Storyteller.
You're the sacrifice for ours.

Just tell us more --
How did it feel to be human?
How did you get away with it
for so long?
Did you learn anything?

Did we?

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