Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day #1: Strippers or Superheroes

Like many other poets around the globe, I'm participating in National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day throughout April. Here's a poem I've created recently, so I'm already cheating, but I hadn't written it down yet. I swear.

Strippers or Superheroes

How do they do it?
The alter egos,
the code names,
the late hours,
the spandex?

How do they do it,
night after night
looking the worst kind of men
in the face
and never backing down?

How do they do it,
swinging from tall steel?
Lying to their loved ones
about where they've been
or where they're going?

How do they do it,
in my darkest hour,
when I've been beaten
and robbed of my money,

swooping out of the shadows,
this impossible ideal,
lifting me in their arms,
and taking me up, up, and away?

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