Friday, April 29, 2011

National Poetry Month 2011 Big Time Catch-Up, Day #27: What Of Value

Inspired by Richard Morris.

All aboard this train of thought;
in the rail car's window
the world is passing through my reflection,
but we all know it's really the other way around.

And what of the poetry
in this curbside mattress?
What of the music in this shattered glass?

You snake charmer, you,
playing your flute to conjure serpents
from covered baskets.

Good-bye, commonplace,
and good-bye, sweet dreams;
take your aisle seats on a red-eye toward
eccentric reality.

And what of wrinkled clothes
in the dryer?
And what of tangled hair in the brush?

Take a penny.
Leave a penny,
for your thoughts
are another man's treasure.

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