Friday, April 15, 2011

National Poetry Month 2011, Day #15: Filling In

I'm cheating,

backdating new memories
to make less exciting days
more eventful when I remember them later.

Dates are only numbers,
and we've created so many ways
to manipulate numbers:
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division . . .

Okay, we've created four ways
to manipulate numbers,

but if I hadn't elaborated,
"so many ways" would've sufficed for
a number as small as four.

This is the method
to my madness:
subtle exaggeration to make something less
seem like something more,

like, adding you
to days when I hadn't even
counted on you yet,

filling in trenches dug by misery,
or vacuums of apathy,
the space in the center of a zero,

copying off of the future's paper
to pass the shortcomings of the past.

I'm cheating.

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