Sunday, April 1, 2012

Countdown Day 1: Speed Cameron Vs. The Ladies Liberty

Today begins our daily countdown to Free Comic Book Day with exclusive posts that describe the strange world around Amazing Arizona Comics! Some of the images will be exclusive to the blog (like today's), and others will be republished from strips that appeared elsewhere -- all supplemental to Amazing Arizona Comics, the only mini-comic series that stars superheroes in real headlines in and about Arizona!

These first few posts will feature Speed Cameron, the comic's flagship hero. Speed Cameron wasn't the first to join Sheriff Joe Arpaio's super secret deputy posse, but he quickly became its leader, at least in spirit. Unfortunately, he speaks as swiftly as he can run, which usually gets him in lots of trouble -- as seen here, in a drawing from the sketchbook. Those sign twirlers are an aggressive bunch, even when they aren't mass-hypnotized into a riotous mob . . .

Tomorrow: More star-spangled scuffles!

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