Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arizonauts Profile: Dust Devil

Every child experiences a rite of passage -- even demon children.  So it was for young Dustros, when he was sent to Earth from the Netherworld by his devilish parents to plague mankind and earn his "demonhood."  Dustros wandered to Arizona because the heat reminded him of home, and he found an abandoned baby to possess, one left at a firehouse in Phoenix under the Arizona Safe Haven law.  Mere seconds after Dustros arrived, before he was able to inflict any harm to mankind, authorities found his host baby and treated him with the utmost care.  Overcome by humanity's kindness, Dustros decided to stay on our world as a hero, defending mankind against evil temptation.  Revealing his identity to Sheriff Arpaio, and using his demonic dominion over the earth to create dust devils -- Dustros became the Arizonaut known as -- well, Dust Devil!

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