Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arizonauts Profile: Sam Brero

Artist's rendition of Samuel's discovery.
For centuries, Earth has been the subject of intergalactic debate. Will humans ever set aside their petty differences and achieve their full potential? If they do, will they explore the ever-expanding universe . . . or become its greatest enemy?

Over one hundred years ago, a race of alien observers decided to push humanity one step closer toward those questions. Of course, they were documenting Arizona's Old West at the time, when proud cowboys were first claiming the desert as American territory and bullying Mexican landowners to head south. Despite the differences amongst these men, the aliens observed one blatant commonality: they all had head wear.

Detail of unused "Arizona Republic"
front page, documenting a Sam Brero
So, there came a day when an alien sombrero was sent to Earth in a meteor, which shattered into seven sacred meteorites in the Arizona desert. When one who is worthy discovers and dons the head wear, he is transformed into a champion to combat social injustice. He -- or she -- is Sam Brero!

The most recent wearer of the sacred sombrero is Samuel, an orphan that discovered his destiny while fleeing coyotes in the desert. When Sam ventured to Phoenix, his legend followed him, and June Monsoon asked him to join the Arizonauts.

And, lo, if young Samuel ever perishes in battle, or becomes unworthy to don the sacred head wear, the alien sombrero will return to the seven meteorites and await its next champion -- the one who will be -- Sam Brero!

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