Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KaraokeFanboy Radio, Episode 5

In this special episode of KaraokeFanboy Radio, we discuss the importance of marketing through comic books, and the importance of comic books through marketing, all by way of the recent news story that revealed Green Lantern is gay. 

Program Notes: Throughout this episode, I imply that the Alan Scott news story was a deliberate press release from DC Comics, but I'd like to make sure I emphasize that the development was first revealed in an interview, as reported by Comic Book Resources here.  In the context of my argument, I think DC publisher Dan DiDio should've answered the question about the potential for gay superheroes with, "Oh, yeah, absolutely -- so what?"  Listen to my whole perspective to put that in context.  Also, the Before Watchmen commercial can be seen here.

If you have any opinions of either of my major points in this episode, please feel free to comment!  And come back later this week for more Amazing Arizona Comics news and previews!

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