Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speed Cameron's California Adventure, chapter 2: Annotations

The second chapter of Speed Cameron's California Adventure is up at Nerdvana (just click here), and the following notes explain the pop culture-oriented backstory behind this tale's pivotal events.  Beware, though: if you haven't read the story yet, spoilers are within!

Page 2: Andy Kaufman portrayed many "characters" during his colorful career, and Foreign Man, who would become Latka on Taxi, was the first.  Here, he references his appearance on the first episode of Saturday Night Light. (Wiki here.)

Page 3: Bon Jovi, Usher, and Celine Dion are among the most recent stars "murdered by hashtag," a term that describes when an Internet rumor announces the "death" of a celebrity.

Page 3: The Legion of Dead Celebrities consists of dead actors, athletes, and musicians that are highly rumored to still be alive.  Jim Morrison, Tupac, and Glenn Miller lead the charge.  Watch this short video series to learn how some of them may have survived this long.

Page 4: The Californauts were introduced in Chapter 1.

Page 5: Superhero historian Bob Leeper has suggested that Juan Hit Wonder may actually quote one hit wonders when he delivers his singular blow to opponents.  This chronicle takes that into account here.

Page 6: In addition to Andy Kaufman's devotion to Elvis (as thoroughly described in Bob Zmuda's Andy Kaufman Revealed!: Best Friend Tells All), Kaufman was also an avid follower of Transcendental Meditation (see Wiki linked above).  Speed Cameron is following his example here to achieve enlightenment.

Page 7: The truth behind Speed Cameron's origin, rooted in the same superhero pilot program that eventually funded the Californauts, was revealed in Amazing Arizona Comics #6, available for purchase via Paypal on the right of this screen!

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