Friday, November 2, 2012

Sketchbook: The Fast Food Wars

Tucson Comic Con starts tomorrow!  I'm excited to be on the exhibitors list this year.  Now, back to the sketchbook . . .

Back when I introduced Amazing Arizona Comics #1, I explained why a certain pasty-faced fast food icon was included on the cover:

". . . a line from the flick Demolition Man once inspired me to wonder what a real fast food war would look like (by way of the excellent graphic novel Three Fingers . . ."

So, enter: Donnie McDougal, the albino son of an entrepreneur that capitalized on the fast food craze of the early '50s by founding a chain of derivative burger joints across America.  Exploited by his father, Donnie fled and joined a circus -- then, when Daddy died and left Donnie the business, McDougal's became a safe haven for freaks needing work.  

Eventually, other derivative fast food chains opened, too, and competition got fierce.  Literally.  The Fast Food Wars began!  More to come on this one . . .

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