Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday: The Tough Sheriff Returns

I'll be keeping the blog fresh with Sketchbook Sunday, a series of posts focusing on, well, some of my sketches.

This year's first few Sketchbook Sunday will look back on some of the political comic strips I hoped to draw during the 2012 election.  During an election, the news cycle moves so quickly, it's hard to create a story of any substantial length that will still be relevant when I'm done, so these concepts were quickly abandoned.  In this case . . .

What if Sheriff Arpaio didn't win the election?  Did anyone ever think that he might be more dangerous without the accountability of elected office?  Imagine a "retired" Arpaio unleashed -- vigilante-style -- in The Tough Sheriff Returns!  (Have fun comparing the panels I swiped from Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns!)

Fun addendum: Marc Maron recently interviewed Michael Keaton on his podcast WTF, and Keaton reveals how reading TDKR helped him define his role as Batman.  He also explains why he bowed out of the third film -- with interesting ties to Batman Begins!  I recommend listening, and you can find it here.

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