Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thank You, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

A special thanks to Jimmy Jay and company for hosting the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con at the South Point Hotel last weekend!  I was thrilled with Sin City's support for Amazing Arizona Comics -- Speed Cameron, June Monsoon, and all the rest will surely be back next year!

ALVC also harkened the return of K.O. Comix: that's "O" for Otey, Brent -- my old buddy and self-publishing partner from Southern California.  The first issue of his latest series, 10, is available now; check out his website for a preview.

I'll continue my thanks to Vegas by posting some cosplay images taken from the K.O. booth throughout the rest of this month, starting with this awesome rockabilly Nightwing!


  1. Hey I read your Karaoke Comics Issue 1 and 2! Your two written pieces are awesome. It shows that you have an eye for humanity and I especially enjoyed the stories in it that have you as a character.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked them, and I really appreciate the feedback. If you'd ever like a free karaoke sketch, please let me know!