Monday, September 2, 2013

Amazing Arizona Comics #8 Animated Cover!

Amazing Arizona Comics #8 photo AAC-8-Cover-Animated_zps21e2d2f0.gif

Happy Labor Day!  This week, I'm rolling out some new animated gifs.

Last night, as I was learning more about making these fun little animations, I looked up and saw the "R.J. Cartoons" sticker I had made as a kid with my old label maker.  It's still clinging to the shelves over my desk, after all these years.  Now that I'm animating my own characters, however crudely, I feel like a childhood dream has come true.  I'm making cartoons!

Oh, if you didn't know, in Amazing Arizona Comics #8, June Monsoon teams up with the Arizonauts of Parallel Earth-1070 to defeat a despotic Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a.k.a. Darkpaio.  This issue is available for $2, but I'm afraid its cover doesn't move in real life.


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