Thursday, September 5, 2013

Animated Arizonauts Profile: June Monsoon!

 photo June-Monsoon-Bolt_zpsaa366d3c.gif When June joined her father for "Daddy/Daughter Day" at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, she never expected her life would be forever changed -- but it was, when lightning struck a reactor, transforming June into a living monsoon! Orphaned and aimless, June's new abilities inspired Sheriff Joe Arpaio to start a program for recruits with extraordinary abilities.  Thus, the Arizonauts" were born: a covert posse of super-officers enforcing laws beyond the capacity of normal deputies!

June's powers include: generating lightning bolts, rain, and harsh winds.  She also has untapped super-strength -- because her hair was changed into a monsoon cloud, and clouds are actually very heavy!  If June wasn't using all of that super-strength to keep her head up, who knows how powerful she would be!

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