Friday, November 15, 2013

Tucson Comic Con: Scarecrow Cosplay

Halloween may be over, but the Scarecrow makes the season of fear last all year long!  Here's Dr. Crane reading the first issue of Amazing Arizona Comics at the Tucson Comic Con.

One of my favorite parts of exhibiting at cons is meeting fellow fans passionate about the comics craft -- and this guy shared that his Batman: The Animated Series Scarecrow suit was his first cosplay experience.  Obviously, he nailed it!  He's a big Scarecrow fan, so he said he might dress up as different incarnations of the frightful foe at every con he attends.  If you're reading, Scarecrow, swing by my table at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con in January.  I'm afraid to see how good your next Scarecrow suit will be!

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