Monday, January 27, 2014

Thanks Again, Amazing Arizona Comic Con!

As always, the Amazing Arizona Comic Con was a blast, and I'd like to thank Jimmy Jay and company for putting on a great show.  If you received one of the over 200 sketches I cranked out from Artists' Alley this weekend, thank you for swinging by the table!  Remember, I'm available to sketch at birthday parties and bar mitzvahs!

I'd also like to thank my wife, who quickly ran a new sketch pad to the show on Sunday morning when I realized I was almost out of paper!  I ripped through those 80 pages by 4 p.m., so I felt bad when these gentlemen asked for sketches, until they revealed the new scrolls they'd picked up at the show.  I broke in the rolled up pads with doodles of Spider-man and Silver Surfer, and the honor was all mine.

I hope to post pics from AACC through the rest of the week -- some sketches, some of my favorite cosplay, and some miscellaneous thoughts "from the alley."  If you have any con memories from last weekend, feel free to share them in the comments.  We're all in this together!

Finally, if you'd like an issue of Amazing Arizona Comics: No Burn Day, a new full color 5 pager, just click on the Paybal button below.  For just 50 cents, it'll come atcha as a PDF via email.  Act now; this offer is for a limited time!

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