Monday, January 6, 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas (Comics) #12: Saint Nick Returns!

Blogger's Note: This is it!  The last day of my little writing exercise, featuring a make-believe comic about a make-believe holiday hero!  My original mentality was to present story concepts in the way illustrators often present costume redesigns through blogs like Project: Rooftop.  Sketchbooks are common practice for artists, wherein the unfinished product is celebrated, but writers don't have that luxury!  By brandishing this brainstorm, I hope others are inspired to at least purge themselves of the concepts that clutter their minds -- by getting past the pitch, the rest of the story might just tell itself.  And, so, speaking of finality --

The last Santa story is here!  It's been 10 years since anyone has seen (or thought they've seen) Santa Claus.  With Black Friday sales happening earlier and earlier in the year, everyone gets what they need way before Christmas -- so, who needs St. Nick?  The old man has finally retired.  Global warming has turned his North Pole property to a land of slush . . . but a cold front is coming.  Santa has learned folks are using Black Friday sales to buy for themselves as much as others, if even at all.  They're turning a cold shoulder to their fellow man, and Claus can't stand for it -- then, the storm hits.  Lightning strikes, and St. Nick returns!  Just in time, too . . . the city is gripped by a band of mutant elves, the Easter Bunny is scheduled to appear on Letterman, and the baby Jesus has been tasked by the President to take Santa down.

"This will be a jolly life . . . jolly enough."

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