Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank You, Sun Devil Fan Fair!

This week's post is coming early, mostly to thank the folks that organized and attended the Sun Devil Fan Fair last Sunday at Arizona State University!  It was a great afternoon of geeky goodness, and I hope the event becomes a tradition!

Coming Soon: Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #2?  Already?

That's right!  There's no rest for the weary!  Since Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #1 is coming out a little later than I hoped (and see last week's post on how to order), I hopped on completing AACQ #2, hopefully in time for Phoenix Comic Con.  So, since this week ends tax season, here's a glimpse of Speed Cameron's encounter with the nefarious Sign Spinner, reappearing in this upcoming, action-packed issue!

Amazing Arizona Research

We'll take a break this week from my collection of Route 66 photos so I can share something more ASU-specific -- namely these scans from the ASU vs. Oregon State Football Program, circa September 1969!  I love the ads in that book -- so much so, some of them appeared in Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #1.  There I plug again.

Cool Cosplay

The Sun Devil Fan Fair hosted a lot of great cosplayers, but here's my favorite -- someone donning the armor from last summer's Pacific Rim.

This Week's Intake

I've been devouring Kevin Smith's interview with Denny O'Neil on his podcast Fatman on Batman; not only does Denny offer great insight into the industry of comics, but he discusses the basic nature and necessity of storytelling in a way that makes it a compelling story all by itself.  I found his DC Comics Guide to Writing Comic Books at Bookman's this weekend and already started reading it, so this, coupled with some other thoughts about the importance of superheroes lately, is sure to shape Amazing Arizona Comics for years to come.

My wife, some friends, and I went to the Maricopa County Fair on Sunday night, as well, its last night of the year.  Three words: Deep.  Fried.  Coffee.  Starbucks, the ball is in your court.

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