Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Happy Free Comic Book Day!  Here's this year's Amazing Arizona Comics FCBD story, in glorious color!  (Special thanks to Kyle Kazmierczak!)

You read that last blurb correctly!  This post is the home of the "Name June Monsoon's Chihuahua Contest!"  Simply post your suggestion for June in the comments section below.  Entries that combine dog and monsoon puns will have a better chance of winning!  The winner will be posted next Wednesday and will receive a complimentary copy of the brand new Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #1!

Please know that by posting your dog name suggestion, you are releasing your rights to the name to me, which means: when June's dog appears in future adventures, I'll happily give you credit for his name, but you are not entitled to any profits garnered from the sales of that or any comic book or strip featuring June's dog. 

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