Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series of Phoenix Comicon Memories to wish Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio a happy birthday -- on Flag Day, to boot!  Sheriff Joe's birthday is a holiday around these parts, since he plays a huge part in Amazing Arizona Comics, so let's take a look back at some of his most notable appearances!

Sheriff Joe first appeared in Amazing Arizona Comics on the cover of the very first issue, which in fact promised: "Now with more Sheriff Joe!"  As issue #1, that was an easy promise to keep!

Here's a detail from the recently colored edition of Amazing Arizona Comics #1, as tensions rise between Sheriff Joe and Speed Cameron.

In my predictions for 2012 (published in the local zine Pholx), I'd anticipated that Sheriff Joe would transcend the bonds of Earth to fight aliens off-planet.  Unfortunately, this only manifested in comic strip form.  That I can prove.

Aside from space-faring lawman, Sheriff Joe has found himself in a few different incarnations during the comic's run, including as Sheriff Scorpaio (coined by Bill Campana) and Sheriff Ape-aio (co-created with Bob Leeper).  His most nefarious incarnation, however, is undoubtedly Darkpaio, the despot from Parallel Earth-1070.

In the end, Flag Day is a celebration of patriotism, so we should end this homage to Sheriff Arpaio on a high note -- perhaps with a shot of him alongside other notables that share his birthday!

If you'd like to see the adventures of Joe Arpaio and the Agents of F.L.A.G. Day, drop a comment below.  Next year, you might just wake up to find a gift under your Flag Day tree!

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