Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good-bye, Governor Brewer!

Before we dive into this week's sad news, here's a pic from last weekend's Simpsons Trivia Night, where I Simpsonized willing attendees, table to table!  It was a blast!  (That's me with the sketch pad on the right, wondering what I'd gotten myself into.)

And now, the sad news -- Governor Jan Brewer is no more.  This week, Doug Ducey took office as Arizona's governor, and while his office is sure to inspire many Amazing Arizona Comics, Ms. Brewer's role cannot be denied.  So, we're celebrating her impact on Arizona superheroics over at Amazing Arizona Comics Online, in a combination of new and classic material offering a fresh retrospective of the Strange Term of Governor Brewer.  Follow every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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