Thursday, March 12, 2015

Turtles, Toys, and Other Places to Find KaraokeFanboy Online

I've been putting out a lot of content lately, per my new year's resolution to myself, and I want to make sure you're finding it online!

First of all, I've started a new vlog (that's video + blog = vlog, people!) called Comics I've Made, Comics I've Read, all about (wait for it) the comics I've made, and the comics I've read.  I'm two episodes deep, with a new episode sure to come before St. Patrick's Day.  Check out the latest:

Secondly, I'm really milking my interview with Kevin Eastman from the Amazing Arizona Comic Con (wouldn't you?) -- so you can read excerpts and inspirations over on Nerdvana, posted every Saturday in March to celebrate this month's Mini-Comics Day.

Finally, I have a new series that started today called I Forgot I Lost You, about toys and collectibles I've redisovered around Arizona.  You can find that on Pholx, which, in my opinion, transcends blog to straight-up online zine.

Everything is intentionally short and sweet, in the hopes that you'll check it out and enjoy.  I mean, a two minute video here, a few paragraphs there . . . and if you're reading this, you probably like what I like, so you'll dig it!  I swear!

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