Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Arizona Splendor: The Harvey Pekar Influence on the Amazing Arizona Comics 24 Hour Comics Challenge

As I've plugged again and again, this Saturday-Sunday, June 20-21, I'm attempting the 24 Hour Comic Challenge -- a challenge to make an original 24 page comic in a consecutive 24 hours -- in the window of Hub, a local modern furniture/creative space co-op* in the Melrose District of Central Phoenix.  Yes, I'll be on display for 24 hours, drawing a new issue of Amazing Arizona Comics inspired by a news story from that morning's paper, just to prove that the tale is truly unique to that day.

Hub proprietor Cynthia Black and I were talking about the event this past weekend, and during our conversation about comics as a definitively regional art form, she mentioned her old neighbor in Cleveland Heights . . . Harvey Pekar!  Harvey shared his new comic with her, then -- American Splendor, and apparently he and I share philosophies on capturing the world around us in comics.  I captured the last few minutes of that chat to make this short but sweet podcast.

Harvey Pekar American Splendor Phoenix arts Melrose District

*You'll hear me describe Hub as a post-modern venue, but Cynthia and I discussed the concept since I recorded this, and modern is a much more accurate description of Hub's inventory, and overall vision.

Among the sponsors for my 24 Hour Comics Challenge are Copper Star Coffee, fueling me with java for the day, and Rainstorm Video & Film, a local film/videography small business.  Please "Like" their Facebook pages -- they support the local arts, while making art themselves!

More to come!

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