Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Been Awhile . . .

It's been awhile . . . that should be a song!

Anyway, if you're still visiting this wasteland of a blog, thanks for keeping your eyes on my work.  Yes, I'm still working -- I self-publish a mini-comic book series called Amazing Arizona Comics, which satirizes Arizona news, history, and culture with superhero adventure.  I also host a late night talk show called Phoenix Tonight, which features Arizona's best talent in a traditional talk show format.  So, there!

I've been dabbling with webcomics and podcasts, too, and I hope to keep this site active with all that stuff, so please come back for more!  Here's one of my latest strip, featuring Speed Cameron from Amazing Arizona Comics.  

If you dig that, please find me on Instagram @amazingazcomics, because I update that much more than this blog, though I hope to change that soon.  Thanks for your patience -- and remember, buying a comic or zine always helps keep the creative fires burning!  Just drop me an email and ask how!

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