Friday, July 17, 2009

An Age of Prosperity

Today, Friday, July 17, celebrates the anniversary of Disneyland's grand opening back in 1955, so I submit for public consumption this appropriate poem, coincidentally from my latest poetry zine:

Home Goes the Imagineer

he’s spent the day
securing safety bars and lap belts
now he gets on the bus
in his green tux and tails
and wonders why this ride
isn’t equipped for emergency
maybe that’s the difference
between fantasy and reality
between imagination and certainty
that nothing is certain in a world
where talking animals make more money
than the men that wear their skin
and tour guides and doormen can only go as far
as the doorways they explore and hold ajar
by day bubble-wrapped with kings and queens
cotton candy fluff and the stuff
of children’s dreams
at night cocooned by simpler things,
like budgets and bills
television and the sleeping pills
that take him to a dream of his own design
a magical kingdom where the help are entitled
to a safe ride home

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