Friday, October 15, 2010

APE Press Release

Press Release

The One Comic Book that Should Make San Francisco Boycott APE!

October 16-17, 2010 – Every year, independent comic book artists storm San Francisco with the dream that their work will be discovered and adored by fans, but one artist already accepts that his comic book will most likely be scorned and ridiculed, as well it should be.

Russ Kazmierczak, Jr., the writer and illustrator behind Amazing Arizona Comics, is bringing his unabashedly Arizona-oriented work to San Francisco, one of the most vocal cities against the Grand Canyon State's immigration bill, SB 1070.

“When I moved back to Phoenix this year, I had no idea I'd be in the cross hairs of a nationwide boycott!” Kazmierczak explains. “I created Amazing Arizona Comics to help process the craziness going on around me.”

The first two issues of Amazing Arizona Comics are available now and will be on sale at the K.O. Comix booth #729 at APE. These issues star characters like Speed Cameron and June Monsoon, who are super deputies called “Arizonauts” in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse.

“Sheriff Joe has been pretty secretive about his financial records lately,” Kazmierczak continues. “Who says he isn't hiding a secret super deputy program?”

Ironically, Kazmierczak isn't a fan of attracting controversy, as evidenced by his concern for the future of the Alternative Press Expo. “I'm from Arizona, and I'm bringing a comic book about Arizona to APE. So, San Franciscans boycotting Arizona shouldn't come to APE! I hope I don't end up shutting down the event forever!”

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