Saturday, January 29, 2011

The "Some Dude's Birthday Party" Tour

Hot on the heels of my victories at the Tucson* and Sedona poetry slams, I came in 10th out of 12th at the first ever Tombstone Poetry Slam last Friday. Tombstone is the only local National Poetry Slam qualifying event, and the top ten highest point earners make the slam off to try out for the team, so I'm still in the running, albeit by a narrow margin. While my "Man Church" piece has been pretty well received (and sometimes requested) at other readings, apparently it falls short in a competitive slam setting.

After the slam, some of my fellow local poets and I performed at a birthday party. Yes, a few weeks ago, after the Pink Slip Poetry Slam at Phoenix's Jobot, I was asked if I would perform at a birthday party. I suspiciously agreed, but, in the end, the party's host was one of the most open-minded, supportive people I've ever met regarding local poetry. He just heard something he liked and decided to share it with his friends. So, while "Man Church" ran a few of the more conservative party attendees out, the group seemed generally receptive. Considering the host could've hired strippers, or belly dancers, or a clown, what more could I have asked for?

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