Wednesday, April 6, 2011

National Poetry Month 2011, Day #6: Chance of Showers

the sky is a high budget summer movie
full of potential
and ultimately a disappointment

in elementary school
my P.E. teacher's name
was Mr. Showers
on the first day of school
he'd always say,
"Now I could either be your best friend
or your worst enemy . . .!"
I was nine years old
and I could've had
a worst enemy

the clouds
move with the wind
like a combover
covering up the sky's bald spot
that sun

and thankfully Mr. Showers
never made us actually shower
but he gave me an "F"
in the knowledge column
of my P.E. report card
when I guessed an inning in baseball
has three outs
because I didn't think
of the other team

by midday
the storm will pass
desert purists will breath easy
as patio-hung houseplants pray
for another ride home

Mr. Showers was in his forties then
he must be in his sixties now
retired if he's still alive
and now that I've moved back
I might bump into him somewhere
make his brow furrow
when I shout, "Six!"
and walk away
knowing now
we're finally friends

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