Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just In Time for Phoenix Comic Con . . . "Amazing Arizona Comics" #4!

I'm excited to report that "Amazing Arizona Comics" #4 will be ready for Phoenix Comic Con, coming next weekend! Starring Dust Devil and Sonny Gunold (the Sun City Gunslinger), this issue is a flipbook, with a bit of interior color, two feats I've never attempted before. I figure this issue sat on the backburner for so long (#3 came out in November!) that I needed to do something special, and I'm happy with the results. This series has been very rewarding to me as a fledgling mini-comics creator, and I hope my excitement and investment in these characters' stories oozes through the pages. Issue #5 is already in the works and should be ready by summertime, featuring, among other heroes, Sam Brero! Hats to you until then . . .

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