Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello, Phoenix Comic Con!

If you're visiting KaraokeFanboy Press because you picked up a card or stopped by my booth at Phoenix Comic Con . . . Welcome! With a googleplex of websites to choose from, I appreciate you taking a minute to visit my corner of the blogosphere. Don't worry: the pornography and videos of cats playing piano will still be there when we're done!

KaraokeFanboy Press is the one-man small press effort behind Amazing Arizona Comics, a mini-comic book series about real current events in an imaginary superhero context. For the last two years, Arizona has made more than its fair share of national headlines, from controversies about speed cameras and gun laws, to SB1070 and Steven Seagal in a tank (Google it), to larger-than-life public figures like Governor Brewer to Sheriff Arpaio. Amazing Arizona Comics tackles all these issues and more, through the filter of all-out superhero action and adventure! It makes the news fun!

I'm also an active local poet that publishes my own zines and hosts a local open mic in downtown Phoenix every Wednesday, if you're interested in that kind of stuff, too. And, yes, I like karaoke, too. My favorite venues in Phoenix are Plazma, Hazelwood's, and the Mobile Karaoke Unit, if you can find it on Roosevelt Row during First Fridays.

You can find my work at Evermore Nevermore in Mesa, Samurai Comics in Phoenix, Jesse James Comics and Drawn to Comics in Glendale, and where ever else folks let me set up a table to draw and sell my wares. Please drop a comment or an email, or friend me on Facebook, if you'd like to buy a comic, commission a drawing, or find out more about local comics and poetry events. I like being a part of the creative community in Phoenix, so I'd be a hypocrite not to make every effort to help others get here, too.

Stay grand, Canyon!

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