Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arizonauts Profile: Crystal Lynn

Phoenix Comicon is right around the corner, and you can visit Amazing Arizona Comics at Artists' Alley table 437!  Issues #1-6 will be available, along with all three of the AAC Free Comic Book Day offerings and a few other fun surprises!  Ask for a free pencil sketch by yours truly!

Until then, let's wrap up our series of spotlights on Arizona's own superheroes, the Arizonauts!

Crystal Lynn is Northern Arizona's leading psychic superhero!  Crystal was born with a sixth sense that taps into the earth's life-changing powers and offers some insight into the future.  Since she operates outside of Maricopa County, Crystal was never recruited by Sheriff Arpaio for his Arizonauts program, but heroes like Speed Cameron have crossed her path and sought her aid in their more -- inexplicable -- cases.  So, she's certainly an honorary member of team, and undoubtedly one of the Grand Canyon State's most unique heroes!

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