Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arizonauts Profile: Speed Cameron

And, of course, there's Speed Cameron.

Before he became a living speed camera, Speed Cameron was just Cameron Wheeler, a reckless youth that, one dark, stormy night, was struck by lightning and the flash of a speed trap at the same time.  He wasn't the first to join Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Arizonauts program, but his eagerness to defend the law quickly made him its leaders and spokesman.

When the Arizonauts went public, Speed Cameron led the charge to expose Sheriff Apraio's controversial methods, but revelations about his origin have driven him to leave the team and find himself anew -- starting in California.  Read all about in the upcoming miniseries Speed Cameron's California Adventure --

-- or discover the truth, as Speed Cameron did, in Amazing Arizona Comics #6 at Phoenix Comicon this weekend!  Find us at Artists' Alley table 437!

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