Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You, Phoenix Comicon!

If you're visiting KaraokeFanboy Press, the home of Amazing Arizona Comics, because you picked up a free comic, flyer, or sketch at the show, welcome!  If you scroll through some of my latest posts, you'll meet the characters that star in Amazing Arizona Comics, and if you'd like to pick up any of the six issues currently available, please click the Paypal links to the right.

What is Amazing Arizona Comics, anyway?

Amazing Arizona Comics is a mini-comic book series that features the "real" superhero adventures behind actual news and current events right here in Arizona.  What really happened to the Tempe Town Lake dam?  Why did Sarah Palin buy a house in the Valley, then never really move here?  How did Sheriff Arpaio spend that budget surplus?  The answer to these questions is simple -- Arizona has superheroes.  Read all about it in Amazing Arizona Comics.

How was Phoenix Comicon?

Phoenix Comicon was a blast!  I drew close to 200 superhero sketches for kids and kids at heart that passed by my table in Artists' Alley and loved every minute of it.  David Dell'oso shared the booth space this year and couldn't have been a better partner in crime; if you dig insightful narration and beautiful brushwork, visit his webcomic Paranoirexia.  The biggest thrill, though, was meeting one of my television heroes, Ed Asner.  He was a true gentleman and we briefly discussed his ability to mimic accents, like the time he played a Russian in an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  So cool!

What's next?

I'll have a table set up at Downtown Mesa's Second Friday in June, so if you'd like to pick up an issue of Amazing Arizona Comics or get a free, quick sketch, please stop by and say hi!  Also, Speed Cameron's California Adventure will kick off next month as a free, online exclusive at Nerdvana, a local blog where you can find other Amazing Arizona Comics strips, too.  Thanks again for visiting, and please stick around for more grand adventure from the Grand Canyon State!

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