Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You, Amazing Arizona Comic Con!

A special thanks to the crew from Amazing Arizona Comic Con for a great weekend!  If you visited my table, thanks for stopping by -- and if you didn't, hope to see you next year!  If you missed your chance to score a free sketch, I'm still happy to oblige -- just drop a note in the comments section.

Josh A. Cutler as Captain America 
Every comic con is full of stories, and I posted a few I had the pleasure of hearing over at the blog Nerdvana -- just click here to read them.

Finally, since I create a comic about superheroes in Arizona, this picture I snapped of Robin in downtown Phoenix has become one of my favorites.  Dig that shadow!  The teen wonder lives!

Don't forget, Phoenix Comicon is in May.  More stories await!

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