Sunday, December 1, 2013

Amazing Arizona Comics #9 Available in Full Color Online!

Don't know what to buy that Arizonaphile in your family for the holidays?  Maybe you aren't in Arizona, but you have friends or family who are, and you're looking for the perfect online gift?  Well, Amazing Arizona Comics #9 is now available as a PDF!  For just $1, you'll receive the entire 24-page issue in color via email, which you can then forward to that special someone for Christmas!  No shipping to worry about?!  That's like a present for you, too!  Just click the Paypal button below to order.

Or, you can always purchase a hardcopy to complete your at-home collection.  Amazing Arizona Comics #9, black and white, 24 pages, $3.  Free postage.

Amazing Arizona Comics #9 concludes the Arizonauts' adventure in Parallel Earth-1070!  June Monsoon has returned, but will she ever be the same?  And what nefarious plan does Governor Brewer have in store for Arizona -- and the world?!  Find out here!

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