Monday, December 23, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas (Comics) #2: Reign of the Deer! (repost with image)

When Olaf, the other reindeer, charged and jailed in Santa's brig for "the Laughing, Calling Of Names, and Withholding of Participation in All the Reindeer Games," escapes, he kidnaps Santa's sleigh-pullers  in the hopes of ruining Christmas.  Overpowered by Olaf's orneriness, Santa reveals his stash of Reindeer Extracts; apparently, Dasher et al aren't immortal, like Saint Nick is, and their spirits are injectable into new fawn to preserve their legacy and skill set when one of them passes away.  Hopeless, Santa injects himself, in a Shazam-like transformation that imbues him with each of his reindeer's unique abilities:

Dasher: Speed
Dancer: Sure-footing
Prancer: Agility
Vixen: Mind-control
Comet: Fiery blasts
Cupid: Expert aim
Donner: Thunderclap
Blitzen: Lightning bolts
Rudolph: Infrared vision

You thought you knew the reindeer -- but will even a Santa transformed with their secret powers be enough to stop the evil Olaf once and for all? Find out in Reign of the Deer!

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