Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas (Comics) #6: Crisis on Infinite Christmases!

When Christmas is abolished on a parallel Earth, that world's Santa finds a way to reach out to his peers across the multiverse for help -- and they all oblige!  Every type of Santa you can imagine -- Ninja Santa!  Pirate Santa!  Cowboy Santa!  President Santa! -- arrives on Earth-1225 (that's "Earth Minus 12/25) and discovers a low level frequency that has brainwashed the world into forgetting the concept of good tidings.  In this no man's land of raw survival, can the combined might of S.N.O.W. (St. Nicks O'er Worlds) take the broadcast tower and short out the frequency once and for all?  And who's responsible for this madness, anyway?  The answer might surprise you!

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