Monday, February 17, 2014

A Sorry, A Saucer, A Sailor, and Some Snowfall!

Let's celebrate Presidents' Day with a post!  Actually, I'll be driving back to Phoenix from Southern California this afternoon, and I just wanted to post some stuff while it's still fresh.  This week's update features a sorry, a saucer, a sailor, and some snowfall!  Check it out . . .


Shia LaBeouf is either a genius or a fool, if there's really a difference between the two.  Last weekend concluded Shia's latest stunt: an art exhibit featuring him, donning his now infamous "I Am Not Famous Anymore" paper bag, in an attempt to apologize for plagiarizing comic artist Daniel Clowes.  Attendees were allowed into the gallery one at a time to solicit Shia's apology however they saw fit, with the help of some provided "implements" that included a bullwhip, a ukulele, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  I drew this strip to explore what Shia might do next, assuming his penance has been paid.

Amazing Arizona Research

While living in Phoenix is research enough for my superhero-driven political satire Amazing Arizona Comics, I often take pictures or collect memorabilia in, about, or outside of the city to keep the inspiration coming.  Here's a picture of the Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend, which was featured in Amazing Arizona Comics #6.  Check out the sidebar for an easy Paypal button to buy that issue now -- featuring the truth behind Prince Harry's military training here in Arizona!

Cool Cosplay

I get to see a lot of cool cosplay at the cons I attend, and rather than post endless slideshows of fat Batmen, I like to feature one great costume at a time, ideally revealing the wearer's creativity, originality, and most importantly to me practicality.  So, here's a look at Popeye from a San Diego Comic Con some years back.  This guy's living proof for a spinach diet.

This Week's Intake

Last week, I read Dynamite's The Lone Ranger #21, which was a timely look at the Old West under hazardously snowy conditions. Considering what's going on along the East Coast, reading that even our country's pioneers to the West faced these dangers, too, is reassuring.  If they could survive it and still build a country, I'm sure history will repeat itself, Global Warming and all.

I also saw the new Robocop with a good friend of mine on Sunday, and, while it wasn't the worst movie in the world, I would say it was a movie struggling with its themes -- from a satire of America's bipartisanship, to the corruption of industry, to the abuse of technology, and finally the analysis of man's very soul. If the film had simply sought to tell its story rather than make sure we knew how complicated its subtexts were, we would've had a nice mid-winter action flick with heart.  Instead, it's like Robocop himself: mechanical, with a hint of humanity.

Coming Soon . . .

Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly is closer to completion every day, and my visit to the Los Angeles Zine Fest on Sunday inspired me to revisit my old fanzine Far & Wee.  Like AACQ, the latest issues of Far & Wee will collect old and new material alike, picking up where the series left off with themes, and my essay series, "How I Met the Monkees."  Here it comes . . .!

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