Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Arizona!

Darkpaio says, "Happy Birthday, Arizona!"

If you love living in Arizona, the fact that Arizona's statehood anniversary is shared with Valentine's Day is the perfect coincidence for you!  While I hope to keep my updates weekly only, I couldn't let today pass without acknowledgement, so here's an abbreviated version of my new newsletter format, just to say, here's to you, Grand Canyon State!

Cool Cosplay

I get to see a lot of cool cosplay at the cons I attend, and rather than post endless slideshows of fat Batmen, I like to feature one great costume at a time, ideally revealing the wearer's creativity, originality, and, most importantly to me, practicality.  So, to celebrate Arizona's birthday, here's a nod to its Wild West roots with a Cowboy Green Lantern from last month's Amazing Arizona Comic Con!

Coming Soon . . .

Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly is still in the works, with a story that takes place on this very day, starring our very state's first governor, who is entombed in Papago Park -- to rise in the instance his beloved land faces a crisis!  Behold, the GovernMummy!

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