Monday, February 9, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge, Day 1: Masters of the Universe

Fellow mini-comic artist Eric Mengel (interviewed in the latest episode of KaraokeFanboy Podcast!) challenged me to the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook, which, from what I can gather, is a call to post five pieces of art every day for five days.  Since I'm working tirelessly to finish Amazing Arizona Comics #10 by Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, I thought to use the challenge as a look back at my comics-making career, from childhood to this very week!

When I was a kid, between five to ten years old, a majority of my drawings were fan art.  Basically, I drew He-Man a lot.  I recently found this mini-comic among my old report cards and class pictures, and, clocking in at half-sheet size, it's clearly my first self-published mini-comic ever!  Drawn on the backs of folded worksheets, with a cardboard cover because I was classy, I present:

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