Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge, Day 2: R.J. Cartoons

Fellow mini-comic artist Eric Mengel (interviewed in the latest episode of KaraokeFanboy Podcast!) challenged me to the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook, which, from what I can gather, is a call to post five pieces of art every day for five days.  Since I'm working tirelessly to finish Amazing Arizona Comics #10 by Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, I thought to use the challenge as a look back at my comics-making career, from childhood to this very week!

In my early adolescence, heavily inspired by Image Comics, I began creating my own comics under the banner "R.J. Cartoons."  The first page is a typical escapist fantasy of me, fighting crime in Peoria, Arizona as Robin, and the images following are original character designs.  You can see the breadth of my imagination.  Spike had a spike on his head.  Flagg was a patriot that fought with flags.  When Rash touched people, they got a paralyzing rash.  Other characters included Disc, Grenade, and Lens, who threw discs, lobbed grenades, and shot light blasts with powerful lenses, respectively.  The last sketch is the most interesting, though.  Undated but undoubtedly from this era, I found "Sombrero Boy," complete with burritorang and Sombrero Mobile.  I never knew, twenty years later, I would create Sam Brero, a hero prominently featured in my current comic series, Amazing Arizona Comics #10.  Just goes to show that the better ideas have more sticking power -- just like a burritorang.

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