Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge, Day 5: Amazing Arizona Comics #10

Fellow mini-comic artist Eric Mengel (interviewed in the latest episode of KaraokeFanboy Podcast!) challenged me to the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook, which, from what I can gather, is a call to post five pieces of art every day for five days.  Since I'm working tirelessly to finish Amazing Arizona Comics #10 by Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, I thought to use the challenge as a look back at my comics-making career, from childhood to this very week!

And, so, here we are -- Amazing Arizona Comics #10.  Brilliantly colored by my brother, this issue is full of more pop culture references than a Dennis Miller monologue (as if that isn't a dated reference . . . sorry, Dennis).  Here are five of my favorite panels from the issue, in no particular order, so as not to spoil the plot.  If you visit Artists' Alley table #D-18 at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, pick up your own hot-off-the-presses issue for only $2!

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