Thursday, February 12, 2015

Five Day Art Challenge, Day 4: Enter Amazing Arizona Comics!

Fellow mini-comic artist Eric Mengel (interviewed in the latest episode of KaraokeFanboy Podcast!) challenged me to the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook, which, from what I can gather, is a call to post five pieces of art every day for five days.  Since I'm working tirelessly to finish Amazing Arizona Comics #10 by Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, I thought to use the challenge as a look back at my comics-making career, from childhood to this very week!

When I moved back to Arizona in 2010, I continued my self-publishing efforts as KaraokeFanboy Press (obviously), but I sought a project that explored my love of superheroes and the intrigue of the politics, pop culture, and history of my home state.  Enter Amazing Arizona Comics!  With almost ten issues complete, not to mention countless one-shots, exclusive on-line comics, and strips in other zines, I have a lot of preliminary sketches and unused pages.  This post represents a small fraction from that stash, including a peek at some characters appearing in Amazing Arizona Comics #10!

Snowbird has made several "first appearances in strips that have never seen the light of day, including here, where Sam Brero and Dust Devil spot her cooling off a hot cup of coffee.  An alternate version of Snowy appeared in issue #8, but her first Arizona Prime appearance will be in Amazing Arizona Comics #10!

McGruff appeared in a strip all his own on this very date last year, and in this rejected panel from the 2014 Free Comic Book Day special, he gets the better of Archiewawa.  Look out for McGruff as a member of America's Super Secret Service in Amazing Arizona Comics #10.

Damion Mailer is a cyberwizard-in-training.  Here he faces Hash Tag, from Speed Cameron's California Adventure, but watch out for his first real appearance in (you guessed it) Amazing Arizona Comics #10!

Preliminary sketches of Ana Sazi.

Cover rough for Amazing Arizona Comics #11!

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