Monday, February 23, 2015

Thank You, Flagstaff!

Last weekend, Amazing Arizona Comics blew through Flagstaff, first at Cab Comics on Saturday, then Bookman's on Sunday -- and if you're visiting the blog because you picked up a comic or a sketch at one of those events, thank you and welcome!

First of all, after you read this post, make sure you visit Amazing Arizona Comics Online for a new, fully colored webcomic that takes place in Northern Arizona, called The Route 66 Of All Evil!

Here are a few highlights from the roadtrip, starting with a hot air balloon sighting just north of Phoenix Saturday morning.  Hot air balloons are a regular sight this time of year, but one of them looked very familiar.  You might remember Javier Balloon, the Living Hot Air Balloon, who appeared in Amazing Arizona Comics #8 and #10, and most recently in Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #2 . . .

Could that possibly be him on the horizon there?  This cropped, fuzzy image is proof the Arizonauts exist!

Once in Flagstaff, I was happy to sketch for folks all weekend.  Here are two of my favorites: a Howard the Duck (not oft requested!) and an original character created by a Bookman's customer, Badger Tom.

Finally, a quick visit to NAU campus inspired research for an upcoming Amazing Arizona Comics adventure, that I will tease with this image . . .

Thanks again for visiting!  More to come!

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