Monday, March 23, 2015

Amazing Arizona Comics 2015 Quarter 1 Order Form!

Remember those old book orders you'd get in school, printed on terrible newsprint?  To paraphrase comedian Gary Gulman, you'd order your books in the fall, and get them your senior year in high school.  Well, I hope my turnaround is a little faster than that . . .

Because I'm offering an order form for this first quarter of Amazing Arizona Comics!  It's been a busy 2015, and if you'd like to purchase the four issues that have come out so far, here's one easy way to do it!  (This order form is only for all four issues at once.)

You have two options: all issues with black and white interior for $8, or all issues in color (sans Amazing Arizona Comics Quarterly #2, available currently only with b&w interior) for $10.  That's over 40 pages of story, featuring Arizona news and history, spanning from the splendor of Route 66, to as current as last month's Super Bowl!

Just select your option in the drop-down menu, and, remember, shipping is included!  While supplies last!

Amazing Arizona Comics 2015 Q1

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