Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KaraokeFanboy Podcast & Amazing Arizona Comics Summer Sale!

In the latest episode of the KaraokeFanboy Podcast, I talk to my bro-ducer (that's brother + producer) Kyle about the 24 Hour Comic Challenge I completed on June 20-21, and to local poet Shawnte Orion about the poetry scene in Phoenix and beyond.  We are Phoenix culture!

While you're here, I'm running a sale on all issues of Amazing Arizona Comics this month.  Get the whole kitten kaboodle for just $20, which includes the latest issues included in my May/December Initiative, to self-publish monthly for the rest of the year.  Just click the Paypal button below, and, remember, shipping is included!

Amazing Arizona Comics


  1. Great podcast! Love that you are still doing your thing with the comics! Keep up the good work!
    ~ Niccolea Miouo